Certified Penetration Tester

Learn in the most structured, logical way.
Course Price: 295.00

Course Summary

At Hackers Academy we have seen our fair share of frustrated students that spent thousands of dollars on courses only to find they learned little to nothing. Not to mention sometimes learning the wrong information! This is why we created this course. The Certified Penetration Tester (Junior) provides you with all you need to know to break into a career of penetration testing and ethical hacking.
Step By Step

Learn in the most structured, logical way how to start with as little as a website and end up taking full control over your target systems. Step by step we’ll start you with extensively profiling your target. All the way to fully compromising it and making sure you maintain your access. The logical flow of the course will make it easy for you to remember how ethical hacks happen.

Complex Made Simple

We’re all too familiar with the frustration and confusion that accompanies learning ethical hacking. With this course we simplify things so much so, that students with minimal technical background end up doing wonders. Fixing exploits and  customizing shell code anyone? You’ll be doing that  so fast you’re going to impress yourself!

An Arsenal of Tools

Never again will you run a tool blindly because the instructor said so. Nor will you take a tool’s output for granted because you have to. You will use tools both on Windows and Linux. You will dig deep and understand with great detail when and where to use each hacking tool and technique. and you will discover tools that were created only months back!

Is this course for me?
This course is designed to introduce anyone with basic computer knowledge to the world of ethical hacking. It is ideal for anyone who wants to jumpstart a career in ethical hacking. You will experience first hand the tools, tricks and tactics that ethical hackers use to compromise systems in the most complete and structured way.

- Introduction
- Reconnaissance – Gathering Crucial Information About Your Target
- Network Scanning – Knocking On The Doors
- Vulnerability Scanning – Finding A Way In
- Remote Exploitation – Breaking In And Getting Access
- Payloads – What To Do With Your Access
- Shells – Connecting In Or Out The Target Network?
- Shellcode & Fixing Exploits – When Standard Tools Don’t Work
- Local and Privilege Escalation Exploits – Becoming Admin Or Root
- Post Exploitation – Get In. Stay In. Expand Access
- Password Attacks – Guessing and Cracking

What is NOT covered?
- Wireless & Web hacking
- Antivirus Evasion
- Pivoting
- Buffer overflow

Course Curriculum