Web Apps Security Fundamentals

Have you ever wondered how hackers deface websites?
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Course Summary

Have you ever wondered how hackers deface websites? In this course you will learn how and you will get the chance to do it yourself!

Start From Zero
There’s a very good reason why this is a fundamentals course. Learning web technologies can be a bit overwhelming. But not today! Starting from absolute zero you’ll learn how websites work, why they could be insecure, and one way you can hack them!


We ask for one thing so you can truly enjoy this course. Make sure you’re familiar with the concepts in the Hacking for Beginners course. We will build up on that, and in no time you will hack a web server and deface a website. Get ready to have some fun!

Especially Designed Target

We have designed a web site with a security for you to practice on. Get the target, find the issue, hack the website and leave your mark! Don’t worry, if you get stuck there are plenty of hints for you. And we’re always one click away.

Course Curriculum