OWASP Top 10 by the XSS RAT

Nail the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
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Course Summary

The OWASP orginisation regularly posts a list of the top 10 vulnerabilities found on live targets. While this list is very complete and useful it is not very understandeable. As an experienced penetration tester and bug bounty hunter even The XSS Rat had trouble understanding this amazing resource. For this exact reason, he decided to share his research with the world and bring you this desired documentation in an easy to digest manner. 

Start From Zero
There’s a very good reason why this is a fundamentals course. I got sick of all these courses overpromising and underdelivering. I want to bring you an easy to understand and directly applicable course to help developers create a more secure environment and pentesters serve their clients better. Bug bounty hunters can learn a thing or two from this course as well as i always keep my fellow hunters in mind when creating these courses.  


You should be familiar using the web browser and have prior knowledge about the HTTP protocol and be able to read HTML.

Beyond the basics
Besides just the basics, we have made sure to go much deeper into every applicable topic to ensure you will leave with more than just the basics. 

Course Curriculum