Hacking For Beginners

Start from absolute scratch!
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Course Summary

Zero Programming
We know how frustrating programming can be for beginners. And this why you will need zero programming to complete this course. As a matter of fact, you’ll be hacking into your first target with out reading or writing a single line of code!

Zero Networking
Networking is essential for you to become a hacker. Having said that we designed this course with the expectation that you have zero knowledge of networking. You’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to learn by the end of this course though!

Zero Linux
We would be lying if we said you don’t need to learn Linux to become a hacker. We would also be lying if we said you can’t hack without knowing Linux. This is why we will get you started assuming you have zero Linux knowledge.

"Excellent Course. I am completely satisfied with this course. It is really amazing and interesting to follow each lesson with step by step increasing credits in my knowledge bank... I advice my friends to take this course and benefit.Thanks a lot to the instructor. His voice is quite impressive and friendly.... Words are not sufficient to praise the greatness of the instructor. I owe to him for ever."

- Ramesh

Course Curriculum